Dispelling Scrapbooking Misconceptions

Scrapbook classes always afford me a chance to get to hear what others are doing in scrapbooking and on their layouts. However in addition, they also afford me a chance to hear about the different ways people perceive scrapbooking and how they use it in their everyday lives.

Recently at a basic scrapbooking class I taught, I met an older woman who wanted to find out what scrapbooking was all about. She was taking the class just to see how it could help her with her family genealogy. I think she took a lot more away from the class than she first thought she would.

The woman was full of misconceptions about scrapbooking. She had made up her mind about scrapbooking before she even came into the class, and honestly admitted she only came to see if she could gain a few organizational tips for some of her family history. Since she was so openly talking about everything, it got everyone else in the class involved in the things they had heard others say, or been told by others.

This woman openly admitted that she had been told many things about scrapbooking by people who don’t even scrapbook. The list of things were basically what she had been told, had been misinformed about or had concluded on her own. She didn’t have the first clue. I’m glad she came to the class.

Most of what she was concerned about was all inaccurate. And I heard about so many other things that I thought I’d take some time to delve into the many misconceptions people have about scrapbooking.

This series of articles will discuss the common myths found in scrapbooking and will talk about what is true and false in this hobby. Here are the topics we will cover.

Is Scrapbooking Expensive?

Do You Have To Be Creative To Scrapbook?

Do All My Layouts Have To Be Decorated?

I Don’t Have Kids So What Am I Supposed To Scrapbook About?

I Don’t Have Room To Scrapbook

Although I am aware there are lots of other complaints. These are the primary five. Beginning on Monday I will delve further into the Scrapbooking Misconceptions and explain the truth and the myth behind each one.

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