Displaying Your Scrapbook Albums

It is always interesting to me to hear the different ways that scrapbookers organize and display their scrapbooking albums. There are so many different outlooks on the way that they should be displayed, and many different ways that scrapbookers do display their albums.

It always surprises me when scrapbookers don’t have a method for displaying their albums. After all that hard work, it should be a given that you would want to show them off. Even if they aren’t completed. Allowing friends and family to enjoy even a half-way finished project is better than stowing the album away in some hidden compartment only to see light of day as it is totally finished.

I am not going to discuss the do’s and don’ts of album storage, I’m only going to provide information about how different scrapbookers display their albums.

On a Shelf:

Many scrapbookers choose to store their albums on a shelf. They might label the spine of the album so that it is easier to see what you are looking for. A book shelf is an easy way to store multiple albums because it allows more to be stored in one place.

On the Coffee Table or End Table:

If you are one who likes to share your albums and art with others, displaying your albums on the coffee table or end table is a great way to make them the center of attention. Rather than cluttering your coffee table with huge over-sized books of art, instead clutter it with personally created works of art that showcase your millions of memories.


I have actually never seen this done, but have heard several scrapbookers mention that they stack their scrapbookers, which is supposed to preserve the binding. As I said, I’m not debating the proper merits of right or wrong storage methods, only sharing some examples of how others store their precious books. I am not sure how this works, as I can see a giant stacked pile of scrapbookers and am curious as to how one might go about getting to one that is on the bottom. I am currently glancing at 14 of my mostly completed scrapbook albums and cannot see any easy method to store them in a stacked fashion.

On Display:

Recently I was at a friends house and saw how she stored her albums. She does a lot of mini albums or themed albums so she uses smaller sizes for those. She has shelves running in her living room as well as in her scrap area where she displays these albums. It adds a touch of art to the room and they are easily accessible for someones viewing pleasure.

How do you store your albums?

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