Diva Craft Lounge Podcast

I have heard about Podcasts for a while now, but I just recently actually looked one up online and listened to it. Scrapbooking podcasts are a fun way to learn even more about scrapbooking.

The Diva Craft Lounge has a great selection of different podcasts that you can listen to. Just click on the Radio Show link and it will take you to a list of all their podcasts with a brief summary under each show title.

Since I was new to podcasts, I had a few questions and maybe you do too. First, I wondered if there was a cost to listen to the Podcast. The Diva Craft Lounge Podcasts are all free. They do have ads mixed in to the radio show, but they were all scrapbook ads, so I was interested in hearing them.

Another thing that I had wondered about was how I actually listened to the Podcast. It was so simple. You have your choice of just listening to it on your computer or downloading it and putting it onto your MP3 player. I just listened to it on my computer while I was scrapbooking.

The Diva Craft Lounge has a great selection of podcasts to choose from. They have many of the scrapbooking “Celebrities” like Becky Higgins, Heidi Swapp and Tracy White.

Danielle Forsgren and Rayme Royale host this show. They both have a lot of crafting experience and they really interact well with their show guests. The shows are generally done with the hosts interviewing their guests. Most shows have 2 segments with 2 different guests. For the Heidi Swapp show, she was the only guest for the entire hour. They also give a phone number that listeners of the live podcast can use to call in and ask the guest questions.

This is a fun way to get to hear about new products and hear thoughts and ideas of many scrapbookers who do amazing work.

If you are interested in learning more about other scrapbooking podcasts, you can check out Nicole’s blog for a podcast article.