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Using the right type of equipment will make a huge difference in your diving experience.

Generally, scuba diving equipment is expensive but you have a number of options for buying equipment at a better price without having to sacrifice quality. Not surprising, scuba diving equipment can easily cost a person anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500. While the cost of equipment is high, keep in mind that if equipment is cared for properly, it will easily last many years. Some people, especially those that dive only occasionally will rent equipment, which is always an option.

Renting is not nearly as expensive and as long as the equipment is rented from a reputable source, a good option. With this, you have the confidence that the equipment has been checked over thoroughly and is safe to use.

Another option to consider if you plan to scuba dive on a regular basis is to buy used equipment. Many people will go out and spend a fortune on quality scuba diving gear, take one trip, and then for one reason or another, never go again. Other times, regular divers simply upgrade equipment, which means the old equipment is still in good condition. Getting your hands on this type of equipment is a great way to save money. In addition, you have the advantage of enjoying almost new equipment. In both instances, the used equipment goes on sale for a nice, reduced price.

Regardless if you plan to scuba dive often or even as an on-going interest, it might be worth your while to invest in your own equipment. Whether you buy new equipment, used equipment, or rent equipment, the number one goal is always safety and the right fit. Once you have identified the best equipment for your skill level and body type, you can get busy shopping for the best bargains.

Check out online auctions such as eBay but make sure you know exactly what you are paying. In addition, you should make sure the seller offers a guarantee or refund should the item be damaged or not in proper working order. Next, you can look at resources in your local town, using the newspaper or yellow pages under “dive shop”. However, one of the best places to shop, especially for saving money, is the Internet. You will find literally thousands of companies that sell dive equipment. Just remember, before you buy, shop around to compare price and quality. While there are a number of quality companies, we have put together some of the best to get you started.

You will find a number of quality scuba diving shops online, each offering a variety of equipment types and in most cases, excellent bargains. For example, Dive Booty is considered one of the top resources for all types of dive equipment. In addition, you can try Divers Discount, a dive website with an excellent reputation and everything you need and more for a great price.

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