DND Ends Long Term University Program with U of M

Since 1974 the University of Manitoba has partnered with the Department of National Defense in helping military members, retired members, and their dependants to obtain a university education through their Canadian Forces University Program. Sadly, as of April 1, 2006 this program will cease to exist when the Department of National Defense cancels their contract with the university.

The DND cites the growing popularity of online distance education as well as attractive residency conditions and credit recognition from other universities as their reasons for terminating this long term partnership. When I first read this I was suspicious that military members and their families were loosing the opportunity to seek an education with the help of the DND but upon further investigation it does appear that this new initiative could actually benefit prospective students. Military members and their dependants can still obtain degrees or continue their education with financial help from the DND, only now the members will have the choice as to which school they enroll in to obtain their education.

According to the University of Manitoba, they will continue to offer all the same special considerations to military members as they did previously. These privileges include giving up to 30 credit hours in recognition of military experience, reduced residency provisions, and a full tuition refund policy for military members that find they must withdraw from a course due to military duties. To check out all that the U of M offers to military members and their dependants visit their website.

The Royal Military College of Canada, located in Kingston, Ontario, also offers a similar program. Through their Division of Continuing Education, RMC offers courses to both military members and their spouses. Also offered is admissions for mature students age 23 or older in which a letter outlining educational background, professional background and educational goals will be considered in lieu of a high school diploma. For more information on what RMC can offer you check out their website.

If you are looking for high flexibility in your continuing education the University of British Columbia offers an Access Studies program. This program is a great alternative for those wanting to take courses for personal enjoyment or professional development instead as opposed to obtaining a degree. Find out more about what this program has to offer by visiting the Access Studies website.