Do Attractive Men Make Worse Mates?

I heard about a recent research study on a morning radio talk show. I had actually forgotten about it until I read an article based on the same study.

The study conducted determined that relationships in which the woman was more attractive than the man were happier and lasted longer than relationships in which the man was better looking than the woman.

I then began thinking about the different relationships that I have seen. It does seem that one can more often see a very attractive lady with a not so attractive man more than vise versa.

I think that men are more into looks than women. Men will likely not even give a woman that they do not find attractive a chance. Women are more likely to get to know the person regardless of the looks. Women can also more easily be bought by gifts and money and social status over looks.

So why is it that it is harder to hold on to an attractive man than an attractive woman?

I think that when a man knows that others are attracted to his lady, he tries harder to hold on to her. He works harder at the relationship. If the man is not adored by other women he is likely fearful that if he lost this mate he may not find another.

Men who are better looking and more confident in their appeal to women carry the attitude that they can find another woman easily. They feel that they are so attractive that they do not have to work at the relationship. They feel that their woman is automatically attracted to them solely due to looks and that she would never attempt to leave.

After I put some thought into the subject, I agree with the study. I do think that men who are or at least feel less attractive than their mate would work harder at the relationship and be a better mate. Men who feel more attractive and desirable than their mate are likely not as worried about hanging on to their partner.

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