Do Lubricants Inhibit Conception?

First off, let me say that there is absolutely no shame in using a sexual lubricant. Many women do not produce enough vaginal lubrication to make sex comfortable. Some women need it and some women don’t, but in the end what is important is that you are able to enjoy intimacy with your spouse. Now that we have that cleared out of the way, let’s talk about using lubricants when you are trying to get pregnant. Can lubricants hinder conception? Are there safer alternatives?

Non-spermicidal lubricants are safe to use when your are trying to get pregnant. One tip is to apply most of the lubricant to the shaft, rather than the head of penis. Otherwise you are possibly slowing the little guys down by blocking their exit! (It’s okay to laugh, this is a light-hearted topic.) If you are having a hard time conceiving, however, you may want to look into using a special lubricant. Some people swear by a product called Pre-Seed, which claims to provide an “optimal environment for sperm.” Many couples have written in with their success stories after using this product. I have never used it, so I can’t say for myself, but I would encourage you to do your own research on it and talk to your doctor.

What should you not use? Don’t use oils, such as baby oil or olive oil. They are difficult to wash out and they may promote yeast infections. That is definitely not something you want to deal with when you are in the business of making babies, or any other time for that matter. Saliva is another no-no, since you could be introducing harmful bacteria. It’s best to avoid any possible complications when you are trying to get pregnant. Finally, double check that any lubricant you do use does not contain a spermicide (like nonoxynol-9).

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