Do Men Treat Their Second Wives Better Than Their First?

I worked with a lady that once told me something that I had never really thought about until she mentioned it. Now it seems that I look into it much more carefully.

She had been divorced and her previous husband was engaged to be married again. She was dating a man that had also been previously married. His wife had passed away from illness. One day she commented on how men always treat their second wife better than they did their first.

Her current boyfriend was married to one of her friends. After her friend passed away the two of them become close. They then began dating. She remarked about the things that the man did for her, such as cleaning up after dinner and taking her out. She noted that he never did these things with his previous wife.

She also made note that her ex-husband did things for his new wife that he would have never dreamed of doing during his first marriage.

So are men different with their second wife? I have begun to notice that it seems they are. It is possible that the men realize their mistakes that they made the first time and are trying to make-up for or correct these mistakes from happening again.

It is also possible that they had begun to take their first partner and the relationship for granted. At the moment the new relationship is fresh and exciting. After time it may get treated the same as the first.

It is also possible that he first marriage was just a wrong fit and the chemistry was not there. The new marriage may be the right one.

Readers, I ask you
Do men treat their second wives better than their first? If any of you have ex-husbands that are remarried, does he treat his second wife better than he treated you?

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