Do Others Think Your Hobby is a “Waste”

I have heard others scrappers say that other people in their lives just don’t understand scrapbooking. I have a family member of my own that also doesn’t get it. Do you have someone in your life that views scrapbooking as a waste?? What do you say to someone who feels your hobby is a waste?

Here are some fun ideas:

*Tell them that this is your way of preserving your family history

*Explain that this is your creative outlet, and while you could just slap some photos in a book, you choose to honor your photos!

*Let them know that this is your way to keep a journal on your life, and the lives of those you love.

*Explain you have a horrible memory, and you use scrapbooking as a way to remember all the things and people that you love.

*Tell them that you may scrap about “ordinary” things as well as life-changing events, but either way, it’s a way to create a portrait of yourself at that particular moment in your life.

*Tell them to go get a hobby of their own! While, I’m only kidding, you could politely tell them that every hobby costs money and this is the one that you have chosen to pursue. Whether it be a sport, or shopping, generally, hobbies, are expensive, and this one is yours! You could then ask them if they have a hobby that they love. I bet that will make your point.

Scrapbooking is an art. I ran into a lady at a fabric store, and I was explaining to her how I just didn’t “get” sewing. I was a scrapbooker, and that was what I loved! She laughed and said how much she hated scrapbooking, but loved to sew. She said that last place in the world she would want to work would be a scrapbooking store! It made me laugh. I say that differences are what makes the world go around, and while others may not fully understand our desire to scrap, we should at least be accepting of those differences! How rude to tell someone that something they love is a waste! But, hopefully if you can explain to them why you love it so much, they will realize how out of line they are to criticize your hobby.

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