Do You Buy Food Delivered by Mail?

I do. Not everyday groceries, mind you. Most of what I order is stuff I can’t find in my favorite grocery stores.

Take this acai (pronounced a-sigh-ee) stuff I ordered the other day from Acai Roots.

Getting an Acai Fix

I read an article about the benefits of acai berries, which come from Brazil and are supposed to be among the most nutritious and antioxidant rich foods on the planet.

I’ve been buying Bolthouse’s Bom Dia line of acai drinks, but a friend of ours who’s from Brazil turned us on to Acai Roots’ product because it’s supposedly an even purer form of acai than what’s in the Bom Dia juice.

Our friend cautioned us that because it wasn’t available in most stores, we’d have to order it direct from the supplier online. No biggie. I do that from time to time anyway with other foods.

And I was willing to pay the price because the friend had fixed Wayne an acai drink at his house and Wayne had liked it. Loved it in fact. He was confident I would too because it was similar to the Bom Dia drink I get. (Which I love because I feel a marked difference after drinking it. Clears up brain fog and gives me a nice energy boost sans any caffeine-like side effects.)

It’s more work than the Bom Dia drink, which is already in drink form and all I have to do is pour and enjoy, but this stuff is purer in form. (Has seeds in it and everything.) But it blends up a mean smoothie, I must say.

So I’ve chalked up another successful food delivery by mail story.

Other Food-By-Mail Faves

I’m willing to pay the shipping price to buy spices from my favorite spice supplier, Penzeys. Sure, I can get most spices they sell closer to home, but supermarket prices are actually higher and the quality not nearly as fresh. (The one exception might be Fresh Market. Their spices are also reasonably priced and the quality high.)

And every once in a while, for special occasions and such, I’ll buy meats from Omaha Steaks. Again, I can find good meat closer to home, but Omaha Steaks are a treat we’re willing to both wait for and pay a little extra for. (Although, they also offer pretty good deals and when they do I jump on them.)

Question to Readers

Do you have any favorite food-by-mail sources?

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