Do You Deserve To Be Happy?

Do you deserve to be happy? Are you sure? More often than not, when we’re unhappy with our choices and our lives, it’s because we don’t think we deserve to be happy. When something bad happens, we may call it karma, we may call it fate, we may call it an unfortunate coincidence, but if we don’t think we deserve to be happy – sometimes we think that bad thing happened because we deserved it.

Good Marriages Don’t Just Happen

When we don’t think we deserve to be happy, chances are we spend a lot of time sabotaging ourselves. We look for faults and flaws in the people around us. We pick apart our relationships and we focus on the negative things. Does that mean bad things don’t happen to good people? Of course they do, but if you don’t believe in yourself, it’s very difficult to believe in anything else.

Good marriages don’t just happen. They happen because people invest themselves and they believe in their marriages. They work through the difficult times. They maintain their trust and they learn to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. This is important because when we think we don’t deserve to be happy, chances are greater that we will do our best to not find forgiveness for the people we love – no matter how much ‘effort’ we appear to give.

This doesn’t mean we need to settle for anything, we should always strive for the best in all aspects of our lives whether its our marriage, our career, our family or our own personal identity – but don’t think for a moment that you don’t deserve happiness. We all deserve it and we all need to work hard to maintain it – one way is through our marriages because for those of us who are married, marriage is very important and it’s very much tied up into our perception of ourselves both as an individual and as a spouse.

So, do you deserve to be happy?

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