Do You Have a Family Game Night? Milton Bradley Up to 60% Off

*Warning: This deal ends at midnight on January 15, so you’ll need to order soon.*

Wednesdays are Family Game Night here. They are the one time when none of the kids is on electronics, no televisions are on, and the computers sit unused. Game Night has a lot of benefits. Most games teach something, whether it’s the strategy involved in Risk or the spelling in Scrabble. But there’s more than that. Board games require interaction with others. They teach us how to get along with different personalities, whether they’re our teammate or opponent. And they strengthen family togetherness. Most importantly, they build positive memories. For all these reasons and more, they’re a good investment.

Right now, that investment can be smaller than ever. is having a 60% off sale on fourteen of their MB games. One of these is the Monopoly Here & Now Edition. It’s been updated to reflect current rents and properties. Can you guess what the new Boardwalk is? Hint: Dick Clark was still there this New Year’s!

At a much bigger discount is the twin set of classics Sorry and Clue. It’s a collector’s edition in wood. Great for a gift. Shipping is only about $4.

Have you been to the Reviews section here at Families yet? There are a lot of games reviewed. It’s interesting to see what other people play at their houses. I was surprised to see Chutes & Ladders as one of the highest rated games. It so annoyed me that when my kids were young that I paid a neighbor girl $4 to come over and play with my kids for an hour. Blecch. Of course, that might have something to with the fact that I always lose that game! On the other hand, there’s not a lot of love over there for Go Fish. What’s your favorite game? Why not rate it there and write a couple of words about it?Dynamite

Board games are making a comeback. Some of them never left. But in today’s world where everything seems to be ‘virtual’, it’s nice to see your opponent’s face as you vanquish him (or the other way around!). Why not take advantage of this deal and start your own Family Game Night?

Link to KBToys.