Do You Have a High School Graduation Plan?

I spent the bulk of this morning mapping out a plan for the rest of my son’s high school. In looking at what he has done so far, I have realized that his transcript is very elective heavy, but he is still on track to graduate at the end of his 1lth grade year if he wishes, or his 12 grade year which is what I would prefer.

I found a 4-year high school plan template at HSLDA to download and started plugging in his completed classes. Because he started taking High School classes in the 8th grade, he will already have 14 of the required 24 classes needed to graduate at the end of this year. However, he still needs to take 15 required core classes to graduate. We discussed how he would approach the next 3 years, and while he can choose to graduate early, he will slow down and spend more time enjoying the process.

Had I not stopped to map out the rest of my son’s high school program, we would have no doubtedly continued to overload him with work in a frantic effort to prove that he could accomplish everything a public high school student could. This year between his core academic classes and his fine art electives, he is taking a whopping 8 classes and is in two clubs. While he is handling it very well, especially since homeschooling is not at time-consuming as public school, he does not have to continue at this pace if he does not wish.

After charting what he has accomplished and what he still needs to accomplish even at a slower pace, my kid can get a good head start on his college credits. If he takes Community College courses and CLEP tests for the remaining core classes he can start College as a Sophomore. This can be accomplished by taking only five subjects a year for his 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years.

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