Do You Have Any Deal Breakers?

Do you have any deal breakers in your marriage? These are things you absolutely will not tolerate.

Now I have always been the type of person who believes that virtually any marriage can be saved. I try to use the experiences in my own marriage to encourage others.

After 21 years of marriage, we have gone through some pretty difficult and trying times. Yet we have managed to make it through.

A family member, who has had a rocky marriage for years, is one that I have tried to be a good example to. I have encouraged her to see it through, no matter how difficult it gets. She has held on strong through some pretty serious situations.

But alas, I think a deal breaker has been reached. She didn’t even know to plan for this. What I mean is some people might say ahead of time that a deal breaker is adultery. Her deal breaker she never even considered.

Let’s just say that she is about to lose her home and owes lots and lots of money to the state, along with other bills. She had entrusted the finances to her husband and he failed to come through. There is still no explanation for what happened to the money that was supposed to be paying bills.

That was her deal breaker. Suddenly I couldn’t find it in me to encourage her to press on. Not that I want any marriage to end. But I have to admit, this one is tough.

It has gotten me thinking about my deal breakers. What would be the things that would cause me to walk away?

The reason I think it’s important to consider this is because it shows you how far you are willing to go to make your marriage work. It reveals a lot about you.

What might be a deal breaker to one person might not be to another. And there are all sorts of reasons for that.

Ask yourself, do I have any deal breakers? And what would I do if they happened?

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