Do You Have Friends of the Opposite Sex?

Do you have a close friend, or perhaps more than one, that is of the opposite sex? Does it bother your spouse, or is he or she okay with it? Are you sure? Sometimes our spouses tolerate such friendships even though they feel a bit of jealousy or resentment. It is really our responsibility to make sure that we don’t allow friendships to cross any lines.

It’s really not about sex, it’s more about having other needs met outside the marriage which can lead to emotional affairs, even when such a thing is the farthest idea from our intentions. If you rush to share things with that friend before sharing with your mate, this can become problematic. Also, if you seem more comfortable, laugh more, confide more with this person than you do with your husband or wife, there could eventually be trouble.

While there is nothing wrong with having close friends of the opposite sex, we have to take care not to let that friendship become more important than our marital relationships. We have to make sure to take our spouses’ feelings into consideration as well. Sometimes it helps to include a spouse in outings or activities. In fact, your spouse may actually become friends with the person too.

However, there are husbands and wives that become suspicious or insecure. This can lead to a lot of turmoil. If your spouse is the one that has a friend of the opposite sex, try not to let it come between you. Ultimatums are never good, and it isn’t wise to make your spouse choose between you and his or her friend. Even if your spouse chooses to put some distance between him or herself and that friend, your mate will eventually resent you for it. Try to find a compromise that works for everyone involved.