Do You Know Your Disney Princesses?

Jasmine. Belle. Aurora. Little girls adore these princesses, but do you know one from the other? If you’re still a little lost when your little girl tells you she wants to have her own Raja, then hopefully this primer will help you to better communicate with your little one when it comes to the Disney Princesses.

Princess: Ariel
Film: The Little Mermaid


The Little Mermaid is an age-old tale of an adolescent longing to explore a new world. Ariel, a mermaid, longs to have legs so that she can explore the land above. When she falls in love with a land dweller, she goes to Ursula, the tale’s tentacled villain, and trades her voice for a pair of legs.

I find Ariel to be one of the more ambitious princesses. Though she makes mistakes along the way, she’s willing to fight for what she wants.

Princess: Aurora
Film: Sleeping Beauty


This is actually one of my favorite Disney animated features, though I must admit, this is more for the villainess of the story, Maleficent, than its princess.

When Aurora is born, she is instantly betrothed to the prince of a neighboring kingdom. However, during the celebration, Maleficent arrives and, angry about being snubbed on the invite list, tells the captivated crowd that their precious Princess Aurora will only make it to her sixteenth birthday before she then pricks her finger on the spindle of spinning wheel and dies.

Her parents and their fairy friends, Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather, turn the spell around ensuring that the princess doesn’t die when she encounters the spinning wheel, but instead, enters into an ageless slumber until she can be awakened by the kiss of true love.

Princess: Belle
Film: Beauty and the Beast


Belle happens to be one of my favorite Disney Princess. Perhaps because Belle is a self-proclaimed bookworm, losing herself in books and dreaming about the faraway lands she reads about.

Living in a small village with her father, Belle’s life is sent into overdrive when she trades herself for her father when he becomes imprisoned by The Beast. Belle’s story is one of parental love as well as longing for adventure. Belle is a stubborn princess who learns that appearances can be deceiving. Her strong personality teaches the Beast about love and acceptance and her take-no-prisoners attitude shows the Beast that she’s no shrinking violet.

Princess: Cinderella
Film: Cinderella


Cinderella truly needs no introduction. Her story is the ultimate fairy tale. Poor, put-upon girl finds an opportunity to show how she can shine if just given the chance. Her gentle spirit shines through when she meets the prince at the Royal Ball and the rest is one of the most recognizable fairy tales of all time.

Princess: Jasmine
Film: Aladdin


Jasmine is the fiesty heroine of Disney’s Aladdin. Along with her pet tiger, Raja, Jasmine embarks on an adventure with the film’s hero, Aladdin. With the help of the Genie, Aladdin helps to win the heart of the aloof, spunky Jasmine.

Princess: Mulan
Film: Mulan


Mulan is a princess that most any girl who has ever tried to fit in with the other girls can admire. Mulan’s story, set in China, is a story of bravery, family honor, and above all, non-conformity. If your little girl admires this Disney princess, you no doubt have a little girl with a strong sense of self and independence.

Mulan’s story centers around her love for her father. When her aging father is called to war because he is the only male fighter in the family, Mulan steals his notice to report for war, shears her hair, and dresses as a man in order to take her father’s place in the war. A beautiful story, this princess is possibly the most independent of all the Disney Princesses.

Princess: Pocahontas
Film: Pocahontas


A free spirit, Pocahontas is a princess in tune with the natural world around her. However, when she falls in love with John Smith, a newcomer to the land that Pocahontas’ family has called home for so long, Pocahontas must try to find a way to bridge the differences between the newcomers and her own family in order to follow her heart.

Princess: Snow White
Film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

snow white

Snow White is another of Disney’s earlier, put-upon princesses. However, for Snow White, there’s no hope of a Royal Ball to save her from her evil stepmother. When her stepmother, upon being told that Snow White is the most beautiful in all the land, orders Snow White to be put to death, Snow White flees, finding refuge with seven dwarves who live in the wood beyond the Queen’s kingdom.

Snow White learns to adapt to her new life, caring for the dwarves and helping them tidy up their home. Of course, this can only last for so long until the Wicked Queen, upon discovering that Snow White eluded her death plot, takes it upon herself to try and put an end to Snow White once and for all.

Well, there you have it, your unofficial Disney Princess Primer. Astound your little ones with your new found knowledge!