Do You Love Him More or Just Express It More?

Many of the articles in marriage have focused on feelings, love, and relationship dynamics.

In a previous article, Courtney discussed how she taught that she possibly loved her husband more than her loves her.

In some ways, I will have to agree with Courtney. It is very possible for one partner to love the other more. Sometimes one partner is unhappy or not content in the relationship. Yet I do not see this pattern in Courtney’s marriage at all.

However, I would like to give my input on this situation. I too have been in a relationship where I have felt that my end was more in love than his. However, with a little time and understanding, I realized that it was not that one of us loved the other more. It was simply how each of us approached a relationship.

I am a full out person. I hold nothing back. However most men are not this way. Therefore I think that in most relationships you will find that it is the woman who confesses that she believes she loves her husband more than he loves her.

I think that perhaps it is more that she expresses her love more than her husband. His love is there but not as obvious. If push came to shove he would do as much for her as she would for him.

Men are just usually not geared to think in terms of feelings, emotions, and relationships.

Therefore sometimes wives have to be creative to look for their husband’s signs of love. While we may set up a romantic dinner with his favorite meal, candles, and no children, his signs may not be so clear.

Think about the little things that your husband does to show his love. For example, he may express his love by starting your car and letting it heat up on a cold morning or turning down an after work drink to come home early.

I am sure that if you think about some of the little things that you may have never noticed before, there will be love underlying them.

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