Do you love Laundry?

I know, the question sounds a little weird. But, there are days when I actually love doing laundry. When circumstances are overwhelming, there is something comforting about regular chores. Completing them can offer a sense of normalcy, constancy, stability, instead of what sometimes feels like drudgery. Doing the everyday tasks that make a house a home and help make a family feel cared for can be a good form of therapy (and deep cleaning can too, as discovered by Julie as she shared in Cleaning as Therapy).

As my mind seemingly races in a million different directions, I long for something mindless to do. Well, mindless might not be the correct word, so let’s just say something that does not require strenuous thought. I’m looking for something that doesn’t require any form of analysis or problem solving. Folding clothes seems perfect right now.

There is comfort in inhaling the sweet, clean scent of freshly laundered clothing, having loving thoughts about the person(s) the clothing belongs to as I fold their items and put them away, and the sense of accomplishment I feel as the laundry pile gets smaller.

The best part is my mind can focus on the simple. A crease, a new method of folding, how high I can stack the towels… taking a break for a while from the complex, the more pressing issues of life.

I can honestly say I never thought I’d consider laundry an “escape” of sorts, but hey, you have to do what works, right? It isn’t a complete escape, yet when I do think about whatever is going on, it seems to help me think more calmly than I would if I were not doing laundry (or other chores) but were instead completely focused on a problem or situation.

As we struggle through insane weather, washed out yard and road, power, phone, and internet outages, and assorted other “interesting” developments, I’ll take what I can get. When I do have power, phone/internet (all three at the same time right now!) I’ll write.

Then, I’ll probably go back to the laundry pile. I may even iron a few things.

Do you have a favorite chore that you like to do to change your focus?