Do You Need a Rug Stick?

In addition to Clorox, I am fiercely loyal to the Woolite company. More specifically, to the company’s rug cleaners. However, I was a bit leery about Woolite’s Rug Stick when it hit store shelves a couple of years back. I probably wouldn’t have tried it if my neighbor hadn’t randomly sung its praises during a party at her home.

For those of you who don’t own homes with wall-to-wall hardwood floors, the Rug Stick is worth a try in high traffic carpeted areas. It is packaged as a kit with an easy to assemble stick, a scrub brush, and a 9-ounce trial size foam cleaner. The sample cleaner does not cover a large area, so it’s worth purchasing the regular 22-ounce can of Woolite Heavy Traffic Foam Cleaner if you plan to use the product on a hallway or an entire room.

The stick is a plus, as it eliminates the need to scrub soiled carpet with a hand brush. What’s more, having the scrub brush attached to the end of a stick allows you to experiment with several scrubbing techniques, including diagonal strokes. You will be pleasantly surprised by the durability of the stick. I had some reservations when I saw it in the box. I worried that it would be too flimsy to scrub Berber carpet, but it held up quite well.

As with any cleaning product, its effectiveness varies. If you have moderate stains, then the Rug Stick will likely alleviate them. However, if you are purchasing the Rug Stick with the hope that it will magically erase a huge mystery stain that has plagued your carpet for years, then you might be disappointed.

The one tip I will add is that it is vital to allow the foam to dry thoroughly before you vacuum it up. I was in a hurry and started vacuuming within 20 minutes of the foam’s application. Big mistake. Woolite’s carpet cleaning foam is very, very sticky. When you try to vacuum still damp, sticky foam from your carpet, it negatively affects your vacuum. I ended up having to scrap dust and debris from the underside of my vacuum after I made the mistake of trying to suck up damp carpet foam.

What problems have you experience with Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner and Rug Stick?

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