Do You Play Games with Your Spouse?

I seem to have developed an affinity for coming up with potentially misleading titles this week. A couple of days ago I wrote Change Your Bedding, Change Your Sex Life, which could have been construed to mean I was implying something more simple than what I really was. Now this title could be taken to mean I wonder if you play mind games with your spouse. That might make for an interesting topic one day, but today’s not that day.

I’m actually talking about real games. Fun games. Board games, card games, video games, etc.

Games Couples Play

I’m more of a game player than Wayne, but once in a while I stumble across some he really gets into. Here’s some of his favorites:

  • Checkers: We don’t usually play this one at home. Instead, we’re kind of weird and always hope there’s a wait when we go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast so we can snag a board and challenge each other. One time I whooped him bad, which was a first, and ever since he takes great pleasure in outmaneuvering me to prove that win was a fluke.
  • The Peg Game: Another one we only really play at Cracker Barrel. We’re both equally bad at leaving only one peg standing, though, so it’s more of an equal match-up.
  • Hangman: Sometimes when we’re waiting for food at a restaurant, he’ll break out a piece of paper, draw the hangman stand with letter spaces for whatever word he’s picked, and then he’ll ask me to guess it.
  • The Choice of Three Game: We play this one on road trips or while we’re waiting at various places. He’ll give me three choices and ask which one I’d pick. For example, he’ll say, “Macaroni and cheese, chocolate cake, or Dr. Pepper.” (Those are all three of my favorite things, but he’ll expect me to pick my ultimate favorite.) Other choices I’ve been given are “Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, or Anne of Green Gables” and “Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, or Pink.” (I play too and come up with Threes for him as well, which is kind of a game in itself.)

I love playing just about any type of game. I’m not very good at most of them, but that’s never stopped me from trying. (Shoot, if anything it makes me want to play more. I’m always seeking the taste of victory!) Here’s some of my favorites:

  • Wii: Especially Wii tennis. This is one game I’m excellent at and which Wayne hates playing with me because I always spank him.
  • Chess: I only learned how to play a few years ago. I’m so bad I don’t prove any kind of challenge to Wayne so he doesn’t like to play with me, but I never tire from begging and trying to get him to. (He knew how tenacious I could be when he married me. I remind him about that when he gets annoyed with my pleas for him to just play one quick game.)
  • Backgammon: It’s been years since I could get Wayne to play this one with me, but growing up this was one of my favorites.
  • Clue: Kind of hard to play with just two people so we rarely do. I’m always trying to sucker friends into having couple game date night just so I can!
  • Scene It?: One of the only other games I’m likely to whip Wayne at.

Question to Readers

When’s the last time you played a game with your spouse? What are some of your favorites?

Courtney Mroch writes about animals great and small in Pets and the harmony and strife that encompasses married life in Marriage. For a full listing of her articles click here.

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