Documenting Black Friday Traditions

Did you brave the crazy big (and just crazy) crowds this morning to score crazy good Black Friday deals?

I know some people who camped outside of Best Buy for 10 hours in order to get one of the “golden tickets” that allowed them to be the first inside the store at midnight.

For some families, Black Friday shopping is a holiday tradition that they hold near and dear. I’ve seen people design matching t-shirts to wear while they hunt down deals, while others don huge wacky hats so they can find their loved ones in the masses. What’s more, they document every oddball moment with their smartphones and Flip cameras.

If you do the same, then make the most of your holiday shopping ritual photos by creating a scrapbook layout detailing your retail experiences. You could design a timeline of events that start with the doorbuster preps. For example, snap photos of your shopping companions pouring over Black Friday ads, then set aside a few to add to your layouts. Also, don’t forget to save lists or other memorabilia from the big shopping day. You might consider xeroxing some the receipts highlighting your biggest savings of the day.

In addition, don’t miss out on the chance to showcase the stories behind your Black Friday traditions. Your journaling blocks don’t need to be long, but they should include any humorous anecdotes or other significant memories from the day.

If your out-of-town guests are still around on Black Friday have them contribute to your layouts as well. You can start by handing out small pieces of cardstock and having them jot down their thoughts on their visit. While some family members wouldn’t miss a Black Friday sale, others loathe the tradition and prefer to make their own by watching football all day or going hunting for big bucks rather than spending them. Regardless of your rituals, be sure to document and add them to your scrapbooks, so future generations can see how you spent the holiday weekend.

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