Documenting Unique Milestones

Is there any experience that is not scrapbook worthy?

Don’t ask that question to my neighbor’s niece who just requested that her scrapbook artist aunt create a memory book documenting her new tattoo.

Apparently, the girl has a ton of photos of her latest tat and can’t wait to have a book to show off the story behind the design. I’m not a huge tattoo fan, but after talking to my neighbor I can see why some people scrap their tats. There are a myriad of creative ideas involved in putting together a tattoo-themed scrapbook. For example:


If you are planning to include a journaling block in your tattoo scrapbook, then consider answering the following questions:

Why did you decide to get a tattoo?

How did you decide on your tattoo design?

How long did it take to complete your tattoo?

How did you feel while getting your tattoo? Were you scared or excited?

What do your friends and family think of your new tattoo?

Do you plan to get any more tattoos in the future? If so, what designs are you considering?


If you don’t feel comfortable journaling your tattoo experience, then consider adding quotes instead. Some famous tattoo-related sayings that can be incorporated into your scrapbook layout include:

“Beauty is skin deep. A tattoo goes all the way to the bone.” –Vince Hemingson

“Love lasts forever, but a tattoo lasts six months longer.” –Author Unknown

“The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.” –Author Unknown

“Your body is a temple, but how long can you live in the same house before you redecorate?” –Author Unknown


Believe it or not there is no shortage of tattoo-related scrapbook materials that help document the story of your body art. Select stickers, stamps and die cuts that feature the following images: skulls, crossbones, hearts, roses, and ornate script.

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