Does Education Slack at the End of the Year?

Most schools are beginning to now wrap up their school year. Nearing the end of the school year, many activities are planned. Schools plan fun days, field days, graduations, and more. The academic stress is basically over and students and teachers alike are ready to hit the fun in the sun.

Children are involved less and less in instructional time and more and more in fun or non-typical school activities. Teachers are beginning to lessen their classroom discipline strategies and allow a little more informal interaction among the students.

Some parents are not pleased with these activities. In fact some teachers are even leery of these activities. However, I feel that during this time of year they are acceptable.

Fun and less academic days are good for the children and the teachers alike. The teacher s and the children get to enjoy each other more in a more relaxed environment. Parents are also invited to many events this time of year.

Most teachers (who do their job the right way) are finished with the major class instruction and completed teaching required standards. Therefore this is a good time for teachers to get in fun and educational projects.

Many teachers reward their students hard efforts from the year through wither field trips or special treats such as ice cream sundaes and extra play time.

Some classes form teams and play games of softball as a special treat for the children.

So should teachers feel inadequate during these days and should parents be hesitant about how much education their child is getting at school? No. If the teachers and the students have worked as hard as most, then a few fun days are not going to hurt anyone. As for the education, the children are learning many social skills during these fun days filled with much more interaction among the students.

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