Does it Feel Like Christmas at Your House?

It is definitely starting to feel more like Christmas around here, especially now that we have a few more presents under the tree. Whew! I was getting nervous. There are only 15 days left and there were only a few lonely gifts peeking out. My husband and I did some shopping yesterday and crossed a few more items off our list.

We got some great deals. I’ll be wrapping the latest gifts and putting them under the tree while the kids are at school Monday. My husband and I were worn out after shopping, but it was fun spending the day together and searching for just the right gifts for our children.

Now, I’m ready to finish decorating the rest of the house. The tree is up and I have done a few other things, but nothing too thrilling. I was getting rather bored with the old decorations, so I also picked up a few new Christmas accessories while I was out yesterday.

Christmas towels potholdersI bought new Christmas stockings for each of us. They’re nice, thick, furry ones, and I purchased them for just $1.00 each at the dollar store. I’ve seen similar stockings priced at five to ten times that much. What a deal. I also bought new potholders and matching kitchen towels with poinsettias on them plus a string of white lights to put around the mirror in our hall bathroom. I love dollar stores, especially around the holidays.

My husband just went to get some glue and glitter for the stockings, so we will be personalizing them soon too. I still have more shopping, wrapping and decorating to do. I need to pick up a Christmas music CD, and I still have to plan and shop for the dinner menu, but that’s my update for now. How are the holiday preparations coming along at your house?

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