Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Every man knows -or will no doubt quickly learn- that there is no good answer to the question, “Does this make me look fat?” If your wife asks you this question, the best advice is to avoid a yes or no answer at all costs, and say something positive. If you say yes, you are in deep trouble. If you say no, she most likely won’t believe you anyway.

What is it that drives women to put our husbands in this position? Frankly, it is usually insecurity that is the root of the problem, and this insecurity drives us to fish for compliments. Your wife really doesn’t want to know whether or not you think she looks fat, and she really doesn’t want your fashion advice. She wants you to reassure her that you find her attractive.

We often say that we want real honesty, but in this case, what we want is reassurance. Face it, if you were brutally honest and said, “Yeah, your butt looks huge!” your wife would not be pleased by your “honest” response.

Try telling her how attractive she is a little more often, and you will be less likely to face this or similar no-win questions.

Women, we need to be honest with ourselves, first. Then, we can tell our husbands what we really need from them, and avoid the whole “Does this make me look fat?” game. We can instead ask for what we really need: reassurance, attention, and to know that our husbands still find us attractive.

Next time you’re tempted to ask “Does this make me look fat?” think about it first. Your husband loves you for who you are, not simply for your measurements. When you learn to love yourself as much he loves you, you won’t his need constant reassurance.