Does Your Zodiac Sign Influence Your Driving?

virgo Did your zodiac sign change recently? Can your zodiac sign predict what kind of driver you will be? Allstate Insurance wondered. This insurance company took a look at their customer’s zodiac signs, and tallied up the amount of auto insurance claims that each group made.

What’s your sign? Is it the same as before? There used to be twelve zodiac signs, and now there are thirteen. As a result, the birth dates that used to correspond with each zodiac sign has changed. Here is a quick list to help you find your new zodiac sign:

Sagittarius is December 18 through January 17
Capricorn is January 18 through February 15
Aquarius is February 16 through March 11
Pisces is March 12 through April 16
Aries is April 17 through May 13
Taurus is May 14 through June 19
Gemini is June 20 through July 20
Cancer is July 21 through August 9
Leo is August 10 through September 15
Virgo is September 16 through October 30
Libra is October 31 through November 22
Scorpio is November 23 through 28
Ophiuchus (the brand new sign) is November 29 through December 17

Allstate Insurance tallied up the number of drivers that were involved in auto accidents in 2010. Next, they broke down that information based on the zodiac sign of the drivers, according to the newly revised zodiac calendar. The result? According to Allstate Insurance, Virgos are the most likely out of all thirteen zodiac signs to get into an automobile accident. Drivers who were Virgos were involved in 211,650 automobile accidents in 2010.

Virgos are said to be shy, perfectionistic, and prone to worrying. Perhaps these personality traits lead to overly cautious and timid driving habits. Virgos were 700 percent more likely to get into an automobile accident than Scorpios were. Scorpios are said to be passionate, and resourceful, and aware. Maybe their resourcefulness is what allows Scorpios to avoid car accidents? Scorpios were involved in 26,833 automobile accidents in 2010. Scorpios were only involved in 1.5 % of all car accidents in 2010. The new sign, Ophiuchus, which is said to be lucky, turned out to be the second safest drivers.

Overall, Allstate Insurance found that zodiac signs that included personality traits like “compassion” or “resourcefulness” got into less accidents than did the people whose zodiac sign included personality traits like “impatient” or “arrogant”. It is unsurprising that drivers who are impatient are the ones who are most likely to get into auto accidents. But, is this impatience due to the zodiac sign of the driver, or is it because of unrelated things? What do you think? What does your zodiac sign really say about your driving? You can tell Allstate what you think when you visit their Facebook page.

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