Dollar Store Budget Busters

I love a good sale; however, to save money when buying discounted merchandise, you really have to exercise self-control.

Lack of self-restraint is one of the biggest reasons many people overspend when they are shopping at a sale, or even a Dollar Store.

Or in my case, especially a Dollar Store.

I challenge anyone to walk into a Dollar Store with the intent to purchase a single item and not leave with a basket full of other junk.

I fail every.single.time.

Why is it that I can’t go into that store to buy one can of rug cleaner and leave without a bag of cookies, paper plates, hair clips, socks and a mop?

I now see why financial experts place dollar stores into the budget buster category. The mentality that items are so cheap it would be a crime not to purchase them is what leads to overspending.

A dollar here and a dollar there can really add up.

I know this for a fact, considering how many times I have strolled into a Dollar Store to purchase a birthday balloon and left with 15 other items that have nothing to do with balloons or birthdays.

Eyeglass tool kit anyone?

Experts maintain there are many reasons you should avoid dollar store-type chains, including adding clutter to your home. While that ceramic frog dip bowl seemed like a wise purchase at the time, it pays to really think about how often you will actually use an item versus placing it in a cabinet and allowing it to gather dust.

Another reason to stay away from dollar stores is the fact that it’s too easy to empty your wallet as you fill your face. Think about all of the candy, cookies, chips and other calorie-laden products that wave at you as you stand in line to check out. Does anyone really need a bag of dollar bag of Funyuns?

Finally, financial experts point out that compulsive buying is still compulsive buying even if the items you are purchasing are only a buck.

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