Dollar Stores: Good Value or Not?

Go ahead; just say it, dollar stores are awesome. Aren’t those “everything is $1.00” stores fun places to shop? You sure can get some great deals.

Others are not true dollar stores, but are simply the new version of the five and dime. They are discount stores with lots of cheaply made items, some at very cheap prices, some priced higher than what they are worth. Still, many people pay a little more for certain things because it’s just convenient to pick up as many items as possible in one stop. That’s how the discount stores make a buck. Offer some super cheap stuff, but make up for it by charging high prices for other items.

I prefer true dollar stores where everything is a dollar – or even less. Good value? For the most part, yes. You can find lots of great stuff that will definitely cost you more money elsewhere. Occasionally, you can even find name brand products that still have higher price tags on them from the original store. You can really save some money.

Dollar Stores

However, if you pay close attention, you’ll also realize that some of those one dollar items sell for less in other stores. One example is toiletries. Many times, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, soap, and other similar items are offered for $1.00. It’s not a bad price, but the same brands or very similar items may only be 69 to 89 cents everyday at another store, or if they’re offered on sale elsewhere.

While it’s probably not worth the extra mileage if you only need one or two of these products, it can make a difference over time. It’s best to stock up on these items when you’re at the cheaper store, or when you find them on sale, and stick with dollar store items that really should be priced at a dollar.