Don’t be a Doormat

Let’s face it, we single parents get tired; we get run down and overwhelmed once in a while and there are days when we just get tired of putting up a constant fight. Whether it is coming from our kids who are pushing us to get their own way, and Ex who is pushing or harassing us to give in to his or her demands, or things going on at work or in other areas of our lives, I do think it is important to stand our ground. While you may not want to fight, it is important not to be a doormat too.

When my kids were younger, the seemed to just know when I was exhausted and overwhelmed because that is when they would try to push, push, push in order to get something that they new a healthier, stronger version of me would have said “no” to easily. I confess there were those time when I just gave in, but I usually paid for it when I did. Single parents do not have the market cornered on being doormats, but we are at risk for letting other people walk all over us or try to force us to do what they think we should.

Whether it is at work, with friends, dating, with the other parent and/or step-parent, or especially with our kids, we need to remember that exhaustion does not excuse us from self-preservation. We still need to stick up for ourselves and maintain a standard. If we do not do what we know and think is right, and make sure that we do not let others walk over us—who will? I find that if I remind myself of this little morsel of truth (that no one else is looking out for my best interest so I really have to), then I can generally muster the energy to make sure that I am not being someone else’s doormat.