Don’t Be Fooled By Size

Sometimes we can be fooled by thinking the biggest is the best. It ‘Ain’t Necessarily So,’ to quote an old Normie Rowe song from the 1960s.

Lately I’ve been having orange juice with breakfast each day in an attempt to build up vitamin C and not end up with colds and flu. Recently we bought some navel oranges. Large and orange they looked beautiful. They were sadly disappointing. One large orange and I was lucky to get even half a glass of orange juice from it.

At first I thought it was just me but even with the electric juicer, which Mick bought a few weeks ago on special, I didn’t get any more. ‘Maybe we shouldn’t buy big oranges any more?’ Mick said. I agreed since they weren’t even especially flavorsome either, which was disappointing.

It happens in the supermarket too. Often you can reach for the super or economy size thinking it will be cheaper and then find out the smaller size is on special or just works out cheaper to buy two of the smaller size anyway.

I admit I like the idea our supermarket has adopted lately of putting the price per hundred grams, as well as the total price on the each item. It makes it easier to compare. I no longer have to stand there and do the math in my head to work out which is cheapest, or produce a small calculator as some others used to.

Sometime too the biggest packet does not contain the most. Compare the weight not the size of the product, as often there is a lot of packaging and the same sized box for half the amount of product. This happens quite a lot with things like potato chips, breakfast cereals, cookies and so forth. So check the weight and make sure you really are getting value for money and not simply being fooled by packaging and sneaky presentation.

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