Don’t Throw Away Your Cards

I don’t know if you are anything like me but I save most of the cards that I receive. I save any card that has been for encouragement or to get well. I have some birthday cards that are extra special, too. It has become a pretty big pile of cards and although I hate to part with them, I know that I need to do something with them.

On my quest to think of original scrapbook albums that can be created it came to my mind that I could create a card scrapbook. This would actually be a pretty easy scrapbook to put together because I won’t need much in the way of paper or embellishments. The cards themselves can become the layout.

My idea is to go through the cards and cut out the words that mean a lot to me. It might be something handwritten or the words that came with the card. These could be matted and then the designs of the cards could become a collage of background beauty.

If there is a card that I don’t want to cut up, I could have page protectors where those cards are slipped inside. That way I can pull them out and look at them anytime I like. This probably isn’t a new idea but it is for me and it just might be an inspiration for others who have a pile of cards that they don’t want to part with, yet they don’t know what to do with them.

The other great thing about creating this kind of album is that you can turn to it whenever life brings you challenges, sadness or disappointment. You would then have an album filled with encouraging words. What a great way to boost your spirit.

So don’t throw any your cards. Use your creativity to create a fun and inspirational album that will be a source of comfort and joy during the up and down moments of life.

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