Don’t Underestimate Your Toddler!

The amazing thing about a toddler, besides the fact that they seem to have unlimited energy, is how quickly they can figure out the things we think they’ll take years to learn. For example, I remember a few months ago I let my son hold the tube of diaper cream while I was changing his diaper. I honestly believed he could do nothing to that tube, because he was only slightly over a year old. To my absolute shock, I glanced over while cleaning him up and noticed he had unscrewed the cap and was putting it in his mouth. Luckily he only got a tiny amount on his lips, but I sure never let him hold that tube again. I couldn’t believe how he was able to unscrew the cap! My new rule of thumb is to always overestimate what my toddler is capable of doing. I don’t assume he can’t get to something on a high shelf, because I have seen him push objects around to use them as “ladders.” If he really wants to reach something, he will reach it.

It’s a good idea to over baby proof if you are a busy mom and are afraid you might miss something. Anyone with small children knows that it takes just one minute (or less) for children to get into something they are not supposed to! Don’t assume that something is “too hard” for your child to open. Make sure it is locked and secure.

For dangerous or poisonous items, store them on the very top shelf or cabinet, where it is even out of your reach. If possible, lock these types of items away. In my house, we actually keep them in the basement where our son does not even have access because the basement is completely gated off. He can’t even get to the basement door!

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