Donuts with Dad

During the last week of my daughter’s school, her kindergarten teacher organized an event called “Donuts with Dad.” My wife had attended “Muffins with Mom” about two weeks earlier, so the pressure was on dad to come through. It was a busy week for me. I was starting a new time job, not to mention I still had to maintain all of the other appointments and activities for my family. Consequently, when I heard about this new activity with her kindergarten class I was not too excited about going at first – until I got there.

When I arrived at my daughter’s class she gave me a sticky donut to eat, and a tie made out of cardboard that she had decorated. The tie came with a stretchy band so I could wear it proudly around my neck. She also had put together a photograph of her in a picture frame. She gave me two poems that she had printed out on computer paper with her hand and foot prints on it. After reading the text of those poems it was very difficult to maintain my “manly” composure without tears welling up in my eyes. Perhaps you may feel the same way as you read one of the poems below:

When sometimes I feel frightened my father can understand.
And I feel so safe and good inside when my father holds my hand.
Standing by the big wide street with cars all hurrying by
I’m never frightened holding hands with father who stands so high.
And in the store with lots of people, all taller and bigger than I
He lifts me up with his big, strong hands so I am safe, and can touch the sky. Thank you, God for my father who cares for me each day. I know my father loves me, You planned it that way – Holding Father’s Hand (Author Unknown)

After that initial “baptism” into the event’s festivities, my daughter asked me to read a book to her. We sat together and read some stories. There were many other dads in the classroom doing the same thing as me. None of them looked anxious at all to get out of there. Instead, I noticed that they all looked just like me – proud to be there with their child.

Looking back on the day with my daughter it kind of reminds me of that credit card commercial. Three dozen donuts for the children and their dads: $15.00. Computer paper, poster board, and cardboard for Father’s Day gifts: $25.00. Time spent together between father and child: priceless. I’m already clearing room on my calendar for next year’s event.

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