Doodle on a Roll

I have a daughter who spends her free time doodling. She has single handedly been responsible for the destruction of many forests throughout this great land. Don’t worry, we actually recycle. My daughter thinks paper is the best gift one can give or get. She will be thrilled when her __ anniversary comes along in the future. I’m sure her husband will supply her with many reams of paper.

While I love her creative ability and interest, I do not love the paper all over the floor, the dining room table, the desk, the coffee table and her room. I also hate to throw away her creations but as a third child it isn’t as hard as it looks. To add to the paper chase, she has her little sister on a doodling roll.

Thanks to the brilliant minds behind Doodle Roll, your children can doodle to their hearts content anytime, anywhere, with this space saving product. It is no surprise that the brilliant minds behind Doodle Roll are parents. They must have a child like my daughter who lives to doodle.

What’s Doodle Roll?

Doodle Roll is a fun way to doodle while keeping your house free of straying papers. It’s a roll of paper 6” by 30’ in a hand held container. The child pulls the desired length of paper and draws whatever he pleases. The container also holds and comes with a few crayons to keep all doodling tools confined and ready to be used. There is a smaller Doodle Roll for littler hands as well.

What did we think of Doodle Roll?

Initially I thought this would appeal only to my five year old. However, I was wrong. All four of my kids ages 2-13 thought it was a lot of fun. My 13 year old who is extremely hard to impress said she thought it was cool. It even garnered a smile from her and keep in mind she is a teen! Now, the product would most not hold the interest of an older child. However, my 13 year old thought it would be a fun way to take notes. So, makers of Doodle Roll, maybe there is a market for a notebook roll.

In conclusion, this product was a roaring success. If you are seeking a stocking stuffer, prize, or a little add on gift for a birthday present this is perfect. Doodle Roll is fun has wide appeal and costs around $5.00! Since I love to be a favorite among the kids I know, I will be buying one for all of them.

Disclosure: The product provided for the purpose of review. The thoughts are my own and may or may not be supported by the company.