Doodle on Your Layouts

When I think of doodling, I am taken back to my school days where I liked to spend free time drawing little designs around the edges of worksheets and class notes. If you look at any current scrapbook idea book you will find many scrapbookers using doodling on their pages. This is a fun and simple addition that anyone can make to their scrapbook layouts.

First of all, what is doodling? It is officially described in the dictionary are scribbling absentmindedly. But I think that doodling has taken on a more sophisticated form. You can doodle to create flowers, birds, borders, whatever you can think of. One of my favorite well-known doodlers is Rhonna Farrer. You can check out her work on her blog.

Doodling can take a little practice unless you have a natural talent for drawing. Here are a few ideas you can use to practice your doodling skills and give you encouragement to try out doodling on a layout.

Practice doodling on your grocery lists.

Doodle in your magazines while you wait for appointments.

Buy a sketchbook and doodle while you watch T.V.

Trace other artists’ doodles to get a feel for the movement of the lines.

Examine doodling examples in idea books and magazines.

Today I made a card that just felt a bit unfinished, so I decided to add some doodling along the top of three round shapes. The doodling helped to fill in some blank space and add a bit of visual interest to the card.

I recommend first drawing your doodle in pencil and then tracing over it in pen. Although doodling is a very free form style of drawing, you are less likely to make mistakes if you use pencil first.

Give doodling a try and I’m sure that you will like the results.