Double, Even Triple Picture Prints

Many scrapbookers choose to only get single prints when they get their film developed. This isn’t the worst practice if you are trying to stay organized, but it can be costly if you have to get reprints later.

Many times, I opt to get doubles, and even more recently I’ve been known to get triple prints. I’m sure you are wondering why, so I would love to explain.

With single prints, I can get the photos on the layout, get the layout in the album and feel a great sense of accomplishment when there is a dent in my photo storage box.
With double and sometimes even triple prints there is another motive. If I know that a particular roll of film has pictures on it that are great, I will get doubles to share with relatives, people who might have appeared in the photos or pass them alone to my children to create their own scrapbook layouts to put in their albums.

The same can be said for digital prints too. If you know a particular photo you’ve uploaded or taken into a developer, is one that you just adore or that someone else might, order extra prints of that photo. You can share the leftovers with your kids or just save them to place in a letter or card.

The cost is more effective if you purchase the prints at the time of developing a roll. The reason for this is because they charge you for your developing and often charge you then per print. If you go back and get them made there is a reprint charge that is sometimes a few cents more than what you would have paid while developing. If you do this often it can save you up to $2.00-$3.00 each time.

You can store your double and triple prints the same way you save the other photos. Either get separate boxes for your doubles or you can just store them together in your normal photo storage boxes.

Either way, getting double prints are a great way to share your scrapbooking hobby with others. You can use them to share with your children, create mini gift albums to give to friends and family or even to place in frames around your home.

I’ve never been sorry that I’ve gotten doubles, and I don’t feel like you will either.

What do you do with your duplicate photos?