Dozens of Uses for Coffee Cans (3)

Still finding new ways to use up coffee cans, I continue from the previous two articles, Dozens of Uses for Coffee Cans (1) , and Dozens of Uses for Coffee Cans (2). There are so many different ways to reuse coffee cans, that I thought I’d share even more.

Frugal Bird Feeder

A fun project to do with kids. You can create a bird feeder with a coffee can. Poke holes all around the coffee can. Glue a large plate or saucer to the bottom of the coffee can. We use plastic recyclable plates. Fill Punch a hole in either side of the top of the can and thread a wire or bent hanger through the holes. This becomes your hanger to hang the feeder in a tree. Next ensure that your holes around the can are big enough, by filling the can with bird seed and replacing the lid. The bird seed should begin to seep out the holes and onto the plate. If your holes aren’t large enough, either use smaller bird seed or enlarge them slightly. The movement from the birds on the feeder will cause more seed to fall through the holes.


Coffee cans can be useful when camping. You can use them to cook food, store food, carry items to keep them dry such as toilet paper, or to collect interesting things you might find on a hike. Or you can use them to create a fire starter for your campfire. Just puncture a coffee can liberally around the bottom sides. A screwdriver or juice can opener works well. Place a balled up piece of newspaper in the bottom of the can and also wrap a balled up piece around the bottom outside of the can. Next, fill the can with charcoal and lighter fluid. Place the filled can in the center of your campfire and light. You can continue adding wood as you would in a traditional campfire.

Kitchen Scraps

Coffee cans make perfect holders for kitchen scraps and peelings as you are preparing carrots or other items. You can also use them to store used oil, fat drippings or other items that shouldn’t go down the drain. Just store under the sink and add to it when needed. Once full, throw the whole thing away.

Lawn seeder

We did this last year and it worked great. Everyone gets a bare spot or two on their lawn. Don’t go out and purchase an expensive seed spreader. Use a coffee can instead! You will need to drill small holes in the bottom of the can, but don’t make them too big, you want them just big enough to let the grass seeds pass through. Put one lid over the bottom of the can, and fill the can with seeds. Then put another lid on the top. When it’s time to spread the seeds on the bare spots, take off the bottom lid and begin to shake the can over the spots. When you are done, replace the lid to store the seed for future use.


Self explanatory really, however see beyond an empty coffee can, and use them for storage. All sorts of objects will fit inside a coffee can. Nails, screws, craft supplies, food, and more. Decorate the can to make it more attractive or to blend it into your home décor.

Wind Protectant

Use a coffee can to protect young plants from the wind or other weather conditions. Using a can opener remove the bottom of the can. Place the can over the plant being sure to push it into the dirt to hold it in place. Keep your eye on the plant so that the coffee can can be removed as the plant grows. You don’t want to damage the plant because the coffee can is stuck around it.

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