Draw on Your Head Game

This is a funny game for the whole family. It’s especially good at a birthday party or other party with a theme. It’s a drawing game, but the people who think they are bad artists have as great a chance of winning as those who have honed their skills. Why? Because drawing on your head is a whole new ball game.

Anyone old enough to have the motor skills to draw can play this game, so it works for family reunions or other multigenerational gatherings.

Pass out a clean paper plate to everyone. The cheap, uncoated white ones are perfect. If you don’t have any of these, use card stock, or plain paper. Something a little stiff works best. Also give everyone a pen, pencil or marker.

Have everyone put the plate on top of their head. Then tell them to draw something specific. If you are having a dog-theme birthday party, for example, have everyone draw a dog. If you are celebrating the birth of a new grandchild, have everyone draw a baby. For a general gathering, it’s fun to ask everyone to draw a certain person in the group.

Give everyone a few minutes, then call time’s up. Ask everyone to write their name on the back of the plate or paper. Collect all the drawings and set them out in random order. Have each person to vote on the drawing that looks the most like the given object. They can’t vote for their own drawing.

The drawing with the most points wins. If you want a noncompetitive game, just display the drawings for a laugh.

For a variation on this game, have everyone draw the picture without lifting their pen or pencil. Or, pair people up and have them draw their picture on top of the other person’s head at the same time. This way, it’s not only just a drawing contest, but a physical comic-fest as well. You won’t be able to stop the giggles.