Dreams During Pregnancy

Many women experience more frequent dreaming or very vivid dreams during pregnancy. There are a few reasons for this. One is the increase in the levels of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy. Changing hormone levels are responsible for many changes during pregnancy and affect dreams as well.

Another reason is that frequent waking during the night to use the bathroom or as a result of other discomforts make it easier to remember your dreams. We all dream every night. However, most of our dreams are forgotten by morning. This is because we often don’t wake during a REM cycle of sleep, during which dreams occur.

There are some common dreams that women tend to have during pregnancy. A dream about giving birth to animals, such as snakes or puppies, is a common theme. Some dream about large babies. Other women dream that their husbands are having affairs or will leave them.

Sometimes dreams during pregnancy reflect fears or anxiety in the woman. These dreams can reveal fears about labor or birth. They can mean a woman fears the responsibility of caring for an infant. A dream about marriage can reveal a fear of being alone with the baby.

My most vivid dream occurred late in my pregnancy. My baby boy was sitting in his bouncy chair. I was at my computer working. I looked down at him and he was looking up at me. All of a sudden, he began to speak in a man’s voice, even though he was a newborn baby. He said, “Hey, mom can we talk for a minute? Seriously, pick me up; I need to talk to you!” I woke up very shaken. I’m not big into dream analysis, but I think it may mean I was worrying about juggling working from home with my children and a new baby.

One way to help figure out your dreams is to keep a dream diary. You can use any journal or notebook for this exercise. When you wake up and remember a vivid dream, record the details in your journal. Keep it by the bed and do this as soon as you wake up. Dreams tend to fade as the day goes on.

Look back over your journal. See if you can determine any patterns or recurring themes in your dreams. This can help you determine any anxiety you may have. Once you know what is worrying you, you can take steps to solve the problem.

If you notice dreams that indicate a fear of labor, take a class or read about labor and birth. Talk to your husband or other mothers about your fears. Talking often helps you feel better. If you are worried about your marriage, take some time to reconnect with your spouse. This can be over a romantic dinner or a weekend get away. In the meantime, enjoy your dreams and remember they won’t last forever.

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