Dress Code Conflict: Student Wins in Court

Some sort of dress code is usually in effect at every school. Some dress codes are stricter than others. While some schools require uniforms other schools only have restrictions on things such as length of shorts and the type of shirts that can be worn.

One high school student took her dress code issue to the courts. On her third attempt to get a rule of the school reversed, he was successful.

The Neuqua High School student wanted to wear an anti-gay shirt in response to the annual Day of Silence that the school observes. On this day, students may decide to not speak all day except for for learning purpose in their classes. This day was created by the school’s Gay/Straight Alliance in order to help students understand the silence that gay students encounter. On the day many students wear shirts buttons, and other attire in support of gay peers.

Two years ago a student decided to express her own thoughts on the issue and wear a shirt stating on the front:

My Day of Silence, Straight Alliance

And on the back:

Be Happy, Not Gay

The girl was told to change her shirt or she would be suspended from school. She was told that students and teachers found it offensive.
After three tries and two years later, the girl finally found justice. On April 23, the court ruled that the school could not forbid a student to wear shirts against gay rights and allow others to wear shirts in favor of gay rights.

The school must allow the students to wear shirts of both natures and may not punish the students for their attire.

I personally think that it would be in the best interest of the school to stay out of the issue altogether. No observance either way should take place.

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