Easing Into Back-to-School

When I was pregnant with my daughter my main focus was to give birth to a healthy child. I considered all of the factors that would make her environment safe and secure. I also thought about what she would look like and what type of personality she would have. Though, never in the nine months she was in my womb, did I consider how she would react to school.

Turns out she loves it. However, she often reveals that she does miss me during the nearly eight hours we are apart. Ditto here.

To ease her transition from half-day kindergarten to all-day first grade I have been slipping notes and other small surprises into her lunch box. Nothing major; just tiny reminders that I am thinking about her and that she is always loved.

If you are looking for ways to make your child smile while she is at school, then consider the following ideas:

Origami: Instead of writing a note on a boring Post-it, jot it down on an origami heart, box or fish.

Thumbprint art: If you are origami-challenged, then draw a thumbprint animal and add your sweet thoughts next to it before tucking it into your child’s lunch box.

Printed notepad: Invest in a large notepad that features pictures of your child’s favorite items, such as butterflies, cars, or animals. Then, send a few special words or drawings every day until the pad runs out.

Photos: Add a special photo to your child’s lunch box or backpack with written memory like, “Remember how much fun we had at the waterpark this summer?”

Personalized pencils: Order personalized pencils with your kid’s name, nickname, encouraging words, or a favorite riddle. Then, tie them up with colorful ribbons and tuck them inside your child’s lunch box or backpack for a fun mid-day surprise.

Rocks: Paint “You Rock!” on a small rock and add it to your child’s backpack.

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