Easter Boredom Busters

Easter egg hunts are not the only way to keep kids’ boredom at bay this holiday weekend. Your children will love partaking in the following Easter-themed games and activities while they wait for the bunny to deliver their sweet treats:

Bunny Hop: This simple activity is a classic and takes its cue from a traditional wedding dance song. Simply line up the kids inside or out and let them hop like a bunny once you turn on the music. You can give prizes to the child who has the funniest hop or the one who lasts the longest.

Bunny-Pokey: This is another classic game that has been modified for the Easter holiday. Customized lyrics include: “Put your fluffy tail in” or “Put your long ears in.”

Bunny Tag: If Mother Nature cooperates this weekend, then gather the kids and head outside for a game of bunny tag. Choose one child to be the head bunny and the rest of the kids can scatter around. If the head bunny tags a child, he turns into a chocolate bunny and has to freeze in place until the head bunny catches everyone else.

Easter Bunny Says: This is another game to play with kids of all ages inside or out. It is similar to “Simon Says,” but it incorporate Easter related items. Sample calls include: “Easter Bunny says hop on one foot” or “Easter Bunny says wiggle your nose.”

Egg Races: When in doubt, stick with what you know. There are very few people in the world who have not taken part in a traditional egg and spoon race. To play, divide kids into teams of approximately 10 players. Then, split each team into groups of five and have them line up facing each other roughly about 20 feet apart. The leader of each team is given a spoon with a hardboiled egg. He then runs with it to the person standing across from him. If he drops the egg, he must start over. Once he reaches the other side, he must hand the egg over to the next person, who races back to the other side. The first team to complete the race wins.

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