Easter Pictures For Scrapbooking

Easter is a special time of year. It is probably the most celebrated holiday in the Christian faith. A time for new beginnings and new life, it is a time for celebrating Christ. It is also a time for family traditions, typical Easter celebrations and attending Church services.

There are so many wonderful family traditions and celebrations that can be photographed at this time of year. Remember to use your camera and take lots of pictures this week, to commemorate your Easter memories and create beautiful layouts with.

Church – Don’t leave your camera at home. Take it with you to church. If you feel uncomfortable taking pictures in your church, arrive early for a service or stay later. Churches are traditionally decorated for this special Christian holiday and it would be ashame to not grab that photo. Remember to post your children outside the church in their sweet Easter outfits, or in front of a beautiful flower display or the stained glass windows of your church.

Bunny – Most children visit the Easter bunny every year. Be sure and bring your own camera and take photographs in line, while they are visiting with the Easter bunny and of any goodies the Easter bunny might have given them.

Eggs – Dying Easter eggs is one of our family traditions. All the beautiful colors and patterns, as the children painstakingly create works of art, are perfect photo opportunities. But don’t just stop with pictures of them dying Easter eggs and the actual eggs, remember to grab the camera at egg hunts, or sitting in their baskets.

Baskets – Another common tradition is leaving an Easter basket out for the bunny to come and fill with treats. Take a photograph of children with their empty baskets and then again with their full baskets.

Traditions – Do not forget to bring the camera along to any customary family traditions. Maybe you have a family gathering on Easter day, or a big brunch or dinner. But don’t just stop with the photos, remember to include important information in your journaling as well. Describe what you have for meals, what you do together, how you celebrate. These memories will be cherished for a lifetime!

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