Easy Candy Cane and other Candy Inspired Crafts

These ideas are so simple that you can make as many as you like in no time at all.

candy canesChenille Candy Canes

All you need is some red and white chenille stems (I grew up calling them pipe cleaners). Twist the ends of one red stem and one white stem together to secure them. Then, simply keep twisting them around each other until you reach the other end. Secure it, and then bend the top until you make it into the shape of candy cane. What could be easier? Hang your candy canes on the tree or decorate gift packages with them.

Paper Candy Canes

If you don’t have any pipe cleaners handy, you can make a similar design using paper. Cut long strips of red and white paper (or color some strips red if you only have white paper), and roll the strips into tubes. Glue or tape them to hold them together. Twist them around each other, staple or glue the ends, and fold the top to create the “hook” shape.

Fabric Candy Canes

Christmas candy craftsTo make this project, just follow the directions for the paper candy canes, but substitute fabric or felt for paper. Decorate with ribbons or bows if desired. You can also use different colors if prefer others to the traditional red and white, and you can make as many different sizes as you like.

Other Candy Inspired Crafts

Braid red and white ribbon together to make a candy inspired bracelet. Tie the ends or pick up a clasp kit to secure them. Look for tiny candy cane charms to add to your bracelet. This will make a cute gift to give best friends, or for boys to give to girlfriends!

Paint some discarded lids from jars with red and white swirls to look like peppermint disk candies or paint cleaned of sticks from your yard to look like peppermint sticks for fun decorations.

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