Easy Family Dice Games

Does it seem like you only have small bits of time with your family? You don’t need an hour or two to have the fun of playing a game with your family. Take advantage of those ten or fifteen minute windows of time for a little bonding. One of these dice games is ideal, because there are only a few rules, and you just need some dice and a little brain power.

Tip: Keep some dice in the glove box of your car to keep the kids entertained with these games when you’re stuck in traffic or stuck waiting somewhere. The time will fly by!

One Hundred

This is a funny and fast (and noisy) game to play.

Each person takes a turn rolling the dice. If someone rolls doubles, he or she has to count to one hundred as fast as possible. Meanwhile, players continue rolling the dice in turn, skipping the person counting. When someone else gets doubles, the counter has to stop, and the person who just rolled the doubles starts counting from one.

The object of the game? To count to 100. If you get there before someone else rolls doubles, you win.

If you have young children playing, they can count to 20, or even 10, depending on their counting skill level.


This game requires some adding skills, so pair young players with older players. The object is to score 21 points, or as close as possible, without going over. You can play with as many players as you want.

Each player takes a turn rolling two dice. Add them up and then continue rolling and adding until the player chooses to stop. If the player gets over 21, he or she is out.

If there is a tie, then those players have a play-off round.

Play as many rounds as there are players, giving each person a chance to roll first.


The simplest game ever with three dice–take turns rolling all three dice at once. Whoever gets triples first, wins!