Easy Picture Hanging Tips

Hanging a picture shouldn’t be rocket science. Yet, to me it is still intimidating. I am never sure if I will hang the pictures correctly or leave a gaping hole in the wall. I’m worried that I might smash a finger or two, since I can be a bit accident prone. My hesitation is obvious when you come to my house. The only pictures that are actually hanging on the wall are the ones where nails or hooks already existed when we moved in to the home. Needless to say, this arrangement doesn’t give me much flexibility in my decorating.

I did a little research last night, and I learned about some easy tips that should give me the confidence to start hanging our art where we want it to be hung. I vow to get going on this project this month.

Here is what I learned.

A little trick to hang a picture that requires multiple nails: Just get some masking tape. Lay a strip of the tape along the back of the frame to be hung. Poke holes in the tape to mark where you want the nails to go. Then pull off the tape and stick it to the wall. Then you can mark those holes on the wall.

To prevent your fingers from getting smashed by a hammer, try using a spring-loaded clothespin to hold the nail in place while you hammer it in to the wall. This keeps your fingers far away from any danger.

Heavy pictures or mirrors should always be hung from wall studs to support their weight. Use a stud finder that can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. But if you find yourself without a stud finder, run an electric razor over the wall. The tone will change when the razor vibrates over the stud.

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