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Once my last bathroom scale broke I really had no desire to purchase another one. Not only did I not want to be faced with the number on the scale, I really did not think I needed one. I would know if I lost weight by the how my clothes fit. Besides those fancy LCD display scales are a pain. You have to tap it a few times before stepping on it and sometimes it isn’t accurate. Then I was presented with an opportunity to review a scale. How could I turn that down? At least if this scale was not accurate or broke I wasn’t out anything, right? So I went ahead and said “send one over” thinking like every other bathroom scale since my 3rd child it would not work.

The scale arrived in perfect condition. It is sleek, versatile and stylish. At least as stylish as a bathroom scale can get. The best part is you simply have to step on the scale and boom your weight pops right up on this large 3.5” LCD display. Here’s a bit about the basics before I let you in my thoughts.

The EatSmart Bathroom Scale Features:

1. Large 3.5″ LCD display – Easy to read from any distance

2. 4 high precision sensors – Consistent and accurate measurement

3. Max weight 400 lbs / 180 kgs

4. Sturdy tempered glass top and large 12″ x 13″ platform

5. Auto Calibrated; Auto Power-Off; 4 AAA batteries (included)

Now, I cannot say I was excited to step on a scale. However, I really liked the style. I had my daughter test it out first and her weight popped right up on that large display clear as day. I had a bit more trouble. I would step on it and this number that I didn’t recognize came up. Was it a code? Was my toddler sneaking on with me? I was confused. So I had my kids each test the scale. For each child the scale did its job perfectly. Yet, again I got on and this number persisted to come up. Scales must not like me. I had my husband get on the scale and again it worked perfectly for him. I am quite confident this scale will work for you. I think there is just something off about me. I continue to enjoy the design. The scale is sturdy and the construction of high quality. I know this since my 2 year old dropped it trying to pick it up. The scale didn’t flinch. Maybe in a few weeks or so I’ll see a number that I recognize but in the meantime the rest of my family will know their exact weight.

The scale can be purchased in sliver or black at

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