Education A to Z: C for Cooperation

If you have been reading my previous blogs about education, you will know that I am writing 26 blogs about education with each new blog starting with a letter of the alphabet on a word that relates to education.

Today I want to focus on the letter C, more importantly the word Cooperation and how it relates to education. How, might you ask, does cooperation relate to education?

Simple, without cooperation, educating young people would be extremely hard to do. In order to give a child the proper education he deserves, teachers must cooperate with each other. They must bounce ideas off of each other about working with certain students, and they must cooperate when you combine general education students with special education students. Teachers must cooperate with each other in order to maintain a successful teaching and learning atmosphere.

Besides teachers needing to cooperate with each other, you must also have parent and teacher cooperation. Let’s face it; not all teachers and parents are going to see eye-to-eye when it comes to educating a child. This is where cooperation must come in. A parent who disagrees with a teacher, must find a way to communicate with him without causing conflict. Teachers who disagree with a parent must do the same. Together, they must cooperate with each other in order to give the child that concerns them both, a great learning environment.

Last, students must learn to cooperate. Not only with his or her teacher; but with other students. Cooperation is essential for having a safe and constructive learning environment. If a child can’t cooperate with other children, it interferes with everyone’s learning. Children need to be taught how to cooperate, not just at home, but also at school. Cooperation makes for a much more pleasant school year and a more successful one to boot!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the letter D and what word relates to education that begins with it!