Education A to Z: Q for Quality Schools

I will admit, I had to rack my brain to think of a topic in education that begins with the letter Q. Then I got to thinking; “What could possibly be important in education that starts with the letter Q? Quiet, quaint, queen? Wait a second, what is one big complaint of people throughout the country when it comes to public school? The quality of education.”

Thus the topic of this blog was begun! Q for quality schools. What makes a school a top quality school and what should other schools be striving for to be a top quality school?

To begin with, a quality school should offer computer supplies and hardware supplies that are appropriate and beneficial to students and teachers. This means that schools should have the proper wiring and hook-ups that allow for all students to access the Internet with no problems and for all staff to be trained in using the computers and software safely and effectively.

Schools that are quality schools offer wonderful support systems. School counselors, school psychologists, social workers, extracurricular activities and health services should all be offered to students. These staff members should be highly trained and knowledgeable in what they do.

Classroom space is another sign of a quality school. Where are your school’s general education classrooms? Are they large enough for all students and are there enough desks and chairs for each student? Where are the special education classrooms? Unfortunately, often times special education teachers are often tucked away somewhere in a windowless room with very little space (trust me on this one!). Quality schools offer enough space for everyone.

Is the school a safe place to learn? Does the school have a clear and enforceable safety program in place with it being reinforced in teacher instructions? A quality school has a safety program in place and uses it!

One last aspect of a quality school is the school curriculum. Is the curriculum available to students appropriate for that age level? Is it upgraded often and does it match the school’s instructional goals? Curriculum is an important aspect of a quality school.

What makes your child’s school a quality school?