Education Timeline Through 2002

This article will complete my timeline of education. As you can see, education has made many accomplishments through time. Many court cases and acts have helped make our education system what it is today. Education will continue to grow and flourish in the future.

1930 Dick and Jane books were published.

1943 The Supreme Court rules that students do not have to Pledge Alliance to the Flag.

1950 The National Science Foundation is created.

1954 Brown v Board of Education court ruling override the Plessy decision that favored segregation. Schools can no longer be segregated.

1957 President Eisenhower sends National Guard to help enforce integration of schools.

1958 National Defense of Education Act passes.

1963 The School District of Abington Township v. Schempp rules for separation of church and state. Schools cannot read the bible or have prayer.

1964 President Johnson passes the Economic opportunity Act that establishes Head Starts.

1965 The Elementary and Secondary Education Act creates a program to help low income children with funds.

1968 The Bilingual Education Act is passed which established that schools should provide education in two languages for students who do not speak English.

1971 Bloom’s Taxonomy is introduced.

1975 Public Law 94-142 is passed to protect handicapped students.

1977 The Supreme Court rules that the Constitution does not prohibit the use of corporal punishment in schools.

1983 A Nation At Risk is published.

1985 The Harvey Milk School is opened. This is the first school for gay and lesbian students.

1986 The Drug Free Schools and Committees Act creates funding to help teach students about drug abuse.

1989 NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) is created.

1994 The School to Work Opportunities Act is passed to create courses for teaching children about the workforce.

2002 No Child Left Behind is introduced.

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